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Hi, my name is Hannah, I am the Artist behind Sayers Studio, I’m a semi abstract artist, however more recently I’ve delved deeper into graphic design to expand my card and print range.

In my paintings I concentrate (mainly) on the flora and fauna of Ireland. I get a lot of my inspiration from my hometown on the Dingle Peninsular in co. Kerry. Since becoming a Mum I've come back to Art setting up 'Sayers Studio' to sell my pieces. I work hard to produce quality products while striving to be environmentally focused.


I work with acrylic paint and a variety of mixed media. I love playing and exploring different mediums on vibrant abstract backgrounds which I create based on my memories of landscapes at home. What I love about painting is the freedom I feel when I start applying colours and layers onto a blank canvas. I get sucked into a world of colour and creativity and time seems to stand still. It really is the best job in the world.


I graduated from NCAD (National College of Art & Design in Ireland) over 10 years ago where I studied Art & Design Education. My discipline was painting. At the time I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t have enough confidence in myself back then, I  forced my style and felt very trapped in my making but for me confidence has come with age and now older I’m a lot freer and I’ve rediscovered my love of painting. Now I know myself and I’m able to express myself more openly and experiment where I felt I couldn’t before.


My process is very free, I always do a small amount of planning but mostly I have ideas in my head and I just go for it and get working on pieces. I often find at night when my mind is at its busiest. I get ideas and I tend to jot them down before I put brush to canvas the next day.


I’m very active on my Instagram page and find it to be an extension of my studio, I will often share sneak peeks over there on what I’m currently working on. My work is constantly evolving and changing so that is where to keep up with my progress.

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