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What does a limited edition fine art archival quality, gicleé print mean?

Limited edition print: This means that there is a set number of prints of this artwork. In my case there are 50 of the original painting. This adds value to your print as there is a limited number available as apposed to an unlimited amount or open ended edition.

Fine art print: Are either scans or photographs of an original painting that are then printed via a professional onto high quality paper. In short it means quality. THEY ARE NOT poster prints or prints onto photographic paper.

Archival quality: These are effectively museum quality prints made using pigment to produce high resolution finished artwork. If cared for correctly these prints should last you for many many years to come (I include care details in my packaging). The paper will also be acid free to prevent yellowing over time. 

Gicleé prints: This means to spray pigment inks, it can only be done through a high quality printer. It's all about colour with these prints, and it can spray up to 12 colours meaning you get a beautiful reproduction that should be as close to the original as possible.


Cotton Rag paper: My printers are a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio. Hahnemuhle are a high quality range of fine art papers. Cotton rag is my paper of choosing because of the weight, texture and quality. Cotton papers tend to last longer and have a matte look.

Can I pick the edition number on my print?

I'm sorry I can't offer this at the moment as my prints are printed on demand and printed in order.

Print on demand?

My prints are professionally printed by The Copperhouse in Dublin. I print on demand to order as I am currently a small business and don't have the space or resources to hold stock. The prints should be ready for dispatch around every 3 weeks. It is then sent back to me where I like to check it over/quality control. In some cases I then hand embellish (gold foil) the print. Stamp and sign the certificate and package it carefully ready to send to you. If you require a print urgently please just drop me an email with the details and I will try to accommodate your request.

Can I pick my print up?

Again I'm sorry but I don't currently offer a collection option.

Do you offer framing on prints?

I do not offer framing services but there are so many amazing framers up and down the country. I would also recommend The Copperhouse who are my printers and offer a beautiful framing service.

What colour frame should I get?

This is totally personal preference, I find white frames look lovely with my style of art but you might want to base your decision on your interior décor.

What size mount and frame should I get?

Again this is personal preference, some people like a larger mount others like smaller. I would wait 'til your print arrives and then have a think about it. Maybe ask your framers advice. 

How do I care for my fine art print?

  • Keep your print in it’s packaging ‘til ready to frame and store in a cool, dry place.

  • Do not touch the printed area.

  • Do not use any liquids near or on your print & avoid cleaning the paper (if you must, lightly dust with a feather duster only).

  • I recommend your print is professionally framed behind glass to prevent light damage.

  • When selecting a mount, I would suggest choosing an acid free archival quality mount.

  • Avoid hanging your print in direct sunlight, to close to heat (such as a radiator) or in humid areas such as the bathroom, unless directed otherwise after framing.

How do I care for my original painting?

  • Do not use any liquids near or on your painting. if you would like to clean it lightly dust with a feather duster only.

  • Your painting has been varnished which will help to preserve it however avoid hanging your painting in direct sunlight, to close to heat (such as a radiator) or in humid areas such as the bathroom.

  • Over time (many years if looked after correctly) your canvas may appear to slacken on it's frame, in this case speak to the artist about tightening the canvas.

Where did you study art?

I first attended Limerick School of Art & Design before transferring to the Nation College of Art & Design in Dublin as I got a place on their Education course. I have a BA Hons Degree in Art & Design Education (my art studio practice discipline was painting).

If you have any further questions drop me an email ( and I will try to answer your query.

Where/what can I spend my gift card on?

My gift cards are digital only. Gift cards are redeemable towards my fine art prints or original artwork only.

Can I return my gift card?

I don't except returns or exchanges for monetary value on gift cards.

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