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'Life on the rock'

Limited edition print (1 of 50)

Be Curious 

2022 - H.Sayers


This limited edition fine art, gicleé archival print is A3 (including a 2cm border). Each print is titled, numbered, and signed. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The piece comes unframed and should be framed behind glass.


If you would like this print in a larger size please drop me an email ( with the details and I would be happy to price it for you. 


*Colours may differ slightly to print due to screen calibration

Life on the rock Print

  • This collection is based heavily on Puffins, although small they are bold and curious. Never one's to shy away from a little adventure whether it's waddling around on the Skellig or making new friends with visiting tourists.

    We are now well into a brand-new year and as we take our first tentative steps into 2022 we can only hope that this will bring us one step closer towards a bit more normality. What we take with us into this new world is however up to us.

    For myself I made some huge changes over the last two years. I started pandemic life as a first time Mother to a small baby and I emerge with a toddler, realising how lucky I was to get so much quality time as a family. I hope I will continue to remember the value of life and appreciate what we have. But the biggest change of all was leaving my corporate job behind me and setting up this little business to sell my art during lockdown. For the first time in my very introverted life, I took a leap of faith, like the curious puffin I bravely ventured forward to pursue the job/lifestyle I have always wanted.

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