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My top 10 Valentine’s Day Greetings Cards, Irish designed, printed and packaged, plastic free

Looking for a cute, funny or quirky greetings card for a loved one this Valentine's Day? Well you've come to the right place as I not only have something to suit everyone, but they are also 100% plastic free and come with a biodegradable or recyclable envelope. Not only that but these cards are made to be loved and framed to enjoy them for years to come.

To make it a bit easier for you to pick here are my top 10 Valentine's Day Greetings Cards but there are a lot lot more to choose from, if you want to browse the full selection yourself just click HERE!

10: You drive me crazy, is a great one for any partner that drives you up the walls most of the time, trust me I know the feeling or anyone that loves a classic car! SHOP HERE.


I'm a smitten kitten, perfect for a new relationship is jokey but cute and the Cat lovers will be obsessed! SHOP HERE.


Hold me close don't Lego me go, might be a bit niche but if you are over the age of 35 you might just remember the song that inspired this card. Plus the fact that I live with a couple of Lego lovers. SHOP HERE.


Bee mine, a new version of an oldie but a goldie of my original Valentine's cards. The original is also still available but I was sketching one night and decided to give it a makeover and now it sits at my number seven spot. SHOP HERE


You're my cup of tea, was one of the first Love cards I ever released and it's still in my top 10, it's a classic that will be loved by the masses whether they vote Barry's or Lyon's. SHOP HERE


Love Puffins, another one of my classic cards but needs no introduction. This one is perfect for so many occasions but especially for the day of love. SHOP HERE.


Hot stuff, if you have a hot sauce fanatic in your life, I know I do, then look no further than this card. This is the card for your Hot One's. SHOP HERE.


You are ppp-Perfect, penguins are universally loved by all animal lovers and this one is sure to please, whether they are a chocolate lover or not. SHOP HERE.


I'm wild about you, a brand new card to my collection but I'm wild about it which is why it's in my top two. SHOP HERE.

  1. Where have you bean all my life, takes the top spot, not only is it a brand new design but as someone who calls most of their loved ones beans this had to be my number one. SHOP HERE.

There you have it, my top 10 Valentine's Cards for your loved ones this year. What do you think? Did I miss any out that are in your top 10?

With love,



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