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What does a Limited edition fine art archival quality, gicleé print mean?

Limited edition print:

This means that there is a set number of prints of this artwork. In my case there are 50 of the original painting. This adds value to your print as there is a limited number available as apposed to an unlimited amount or open ended edition.

fine art print:

Are either scans or photographs of an original painting that are then printed via a professional onto high quality paper. In short it means quality. THEY ARE NOT poster prints or prints onto photographic paper.

Archival quality:

These are effectively museum quality prints made using pigment to produce high resolution finished artwork. If cared for correctly these prints should last you for many many years to come (I include care details in my packaging). The paper will also be acid free to prevent yellowing over time.

Gicleé print:

This means to spray pigment inks, it can only be done through a high quality printer. It's all about colour with these prints, and it can spray up to 12 colours meaning you get a beautiful reproduction that should be as close to the original as possible.

Cotton rag paper:

My printers are a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio. Hahnemuhle are a high quality range of fine art papers. Cotton rag is my paper of choosing because of the weight, texture and quality. Cotton papers tend to last longer and have a matte look.

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